Gamified Ads with Rewards and Edge-AI: A New Frontier in OTT Monetization

Joe Ward, Founder of EDGE Video
2 min readMar 31, 2023


With the rise of OTT and fast TV platforms, the way we consume entertainment is changing rapidly. And now, with the launch of Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV, we’re taking this to the next level.

Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV is a new feature that allows advertisers to engage with viewers in an exciting and interactive way. Viewers will see an ad on the screen, followed by a poll on their mobile device that asks fun questions about the ad. As they answer correctly, viewers will earn points that can be used for betting on games during Gaimified TV.

For example, imagine you’re watching an ad for on Gaimified TV. The poll question on your mobile device might be:

Edge-AI Gaimified AD with Rewards

If you answer correctly, you’ll earn points that you can use for betting on games during Gaimified TV. But even if you answer incorrectly, you’ll still have fun and engage with the ad in a new and exciting way.

This new feature is a game-changer for advertisers, as they can now reach their target audience in a more engaging and effective way. Instead of simply showing an ad, Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV allows advertisers to create a memorable experience that viewers will enjoy and remember.

But that’s not all. Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV also revolutionizes the way we monetize OTT and fast TV platforms. Here are some different types of revenue streams that Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV can provide:

  • Advertisers can earn revenue based on engagement with their ads, rather than simply paying for ad space.
  • Viewers can earn points by engaging with ads, which can be used for betting on games during Gaimified TV.
  • Channel wallets can be set up for individual channels or for each advertiser, providing more opportunities for revenue streams.
  • As viewers earn more points, they may be incentivized to watch more ads and engage more with Gaimified TV, providing even more opportunities for revenue.

Advertisers can also purchase points to incentivize viewers to engage more with their ads, providing yet another revenue stream.

This new revenue stream benefits everyone involved. Advertisers get more engagement and awareness for their products, viewers get an entertaining and interactive experience, and everyone has the chance to earn and win more points.

So, get ready for the future of entertainment with Gaimified Ads on Gaimified TV. We’re excited to bring this new feature to the world of OTT and fast TV platforms and to revolutionize the way we engage with ads and monetize our content.



Joe Ward, Founder of EDGE Video

33 years in media & technology, serial entrepreneur. IAM Media Top 300 IP Strategist 2021 in US. Joe is the founder and CEO of Edge Video.